Salvage Car Hack™


Hi! Our names are Keyarash Namjoupanah and Arman Mirkarimzadeh, and we are excited to introduce to you the new and better way of automotive purchasing. We have combined our 40+ years of combined knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of buying your desired vehicle for a fraction of the cost. Whether that being a dream exotic car or an average vehicle, we will show you how to save thousands on your next automotive purchase.

The conventional method of buying & leasing cars from dealers results endless debt, stress, and financial loss! We believe no one should have to over pay for their vehicle, let alone come out thousands in the hole. This is why we have created this program and platform to open peoples’ eyes up to an alternative way of purchasing cars. And not only can it save you tens of thousands of dollars, but you can come out with a substantial profit!

The mission we set out to achieve is to educate our customers on the hidden world of salvage auctions and provide them with the necessary knowledge, connections, and resources to help cautiously yet effectively get once-in-a-lifetime deals on their desired vehicles. Not only can we help lead you to listings that could result in unprecedented deals, but we can also assist in every step along the way to transform your investment into what looks like a new car straight from the dealer with a fraction of the cost.

Since we are on the topic of dealers, let’s get straight to the harsh truth. Dealers, like all other businesses, are out to make a profit. Who isn’t! But to what extent? The old saying that a car depreciates 20% of its value the second you drive it off the lot has strong validity. The marginal differences between the costs and the sale prices of their vehicles are substantially more inflated than you could ever perceive, and you will realize this when you see how cheap it is to buy and rebuild your own salvage car!

So, you may ask who are we, and how experienced are we in this industry? Well, since the second we were born we were introduced to the salvage car industry. We were raised in the rebuilt car community. Our entire life we witnessed our friends and neighbors, brainwashed by the conventional idea of car buying, go through the same reoccurring struggles that came with their decision, and the one common question we witnessed our parents receive was “how do you guys get so many nice cars for cheap.” The answer was and always has been simple for us, and now we are here and ready to share it with you.

Not only were we raised in the salvage car industry (from our family members who all own their own rebuilt title dealerships), but we are now officially in the middle of it all. We took over the responsibilities of our family members, and we operate, manage, and run a large scale salvage/rebuilt title car dealership ourselves. 5 years ago when we jumped into the industry, we started compiling all our knowledge, personal experiences, customer experiences, resources, connections, suppliers, transporters, deliverers, etc. for the sole purpose of answering that one question we witnessed our parents encounter countless times as children. We have been through many trial and error test runs with close friends and acquaintances to tweak as many complications that could hinder the process of our program and platform. Now, after 5 long years of testing and learning we have finally combined enough of our resources to provide participants with an in-depth and very personal 1-on-1 program to help them buy cars for cheap like we do.


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